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Aug 8

Every Day Is a Food Holiday for iPhone & iPad, Now in the App Store

Big holidays come once a year, but you can celebrate all 365 days with With the Every Day Is a Food Holiday App, you’ll never miss National Junk Food Day, Cupcake Day or Margarita Day again.

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Mar 18

Ready, Set, Cook! Recipe Contest: Our Winners!


You came, you cooked and four of you conquered!

Our latest Ready, Set, Cook! Recipe Contest was nothing short of incredible. Exactly 317 home cooks went head-to-head, submitting original recipes that featured Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, dip mix or seasoning mix, along with at least four basic ingredients from our contest list.

The stakes? The chance to win one of four mega cash prizes and have your dish judged by Food Network host Sunny Anderson in the Food Network Kitchens!

Last week, after all the entries were in, Sunny joined the team for a fun tasting of our top 10 semi-finalist recipes. Before we kicked off the taste-test, the mission was clear for Sunny: “I want the ranch to be like, ‘Bam! In yo face!’”

So whose ranched-up dish took the top spot? Drum-roll please… Read More

Dec 24

Show Us Your Holiday Cookies Photo Contest Winners!

We asked everyone to show us your best holiday cookie photos and you all definitely delivered! We received 160+ entries — from shots of  classic sugar cookies and gingerbread men to more decadent Nutella chocolate cookies to Ischler Toertchen, a chocolate-covered jam-filled cookie from Austria. Alas, we couldn’t actually sample them all, but we did get to feast our eyes on all the baked goodies.

You also shared your cookie photos with friends, and everyone voted for their favorites to come up with our top cookies. And the winners are…

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Nov 13

Perfect Pumpkin Bars for Thanksgiving is teaming up with our friends at, and a few of our other favorite food sites to celebrate Thanksgiving. Since we can’t gather in person, we’re pulling up a chair to create a virtual Communal Table. Our contribution: A festive dessert without the fuss!

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Jun 30

Miss July: La Dilettante

Brenda and DH
La Dilettante and her husband

For this month’s spotlight, we are thrilled to feature La Dilettante as our “Miss July.” Although she’s been (mostly) vegetarian for the last 16 years, she still occasionally hankers for fried chicken livers and often “cheats” with fish.

A member since 2009, La Dilettante has reviewed over 130 recipes! Salads, soups, crockpot recipes — she’s given many of them a healthy meatless makeover without complaint from her meat-loving household. To find out more about La Dilettante’s life in the kitchen, we chatted with her about her biggest cooking flop and her guilty pleasure food confession.

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May 31

Member of the Month: Zurie

Zurie (Granny Z with her granddaughter)

For this month’s spotlight, we’re visiting with one of our international members — Zurie, who logs in every day from her house and farm in a small seaside town in South Africa.

A member since 2005, Zurie is one of our most active members and hosts three of our talk forums: Food Photos, African Cooking and Celebrity Chefs.

Over the years she has contributed 330-plus recipes, which range from her simple (and very popular) Microwave Magic Chocolate Mug Cake to more exotic South African dishes like her Hakuna Matata All-African Barbecue Sauce.

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May 1

Member of the Month: 2Bleu

2Bleu (a.k.a. Buddha and Bird)

For this month’s spotlight, we’re featuring a double dose of greatness — husband-and-wife duo 2Bleu, known separately by their nicknames Buddha and Bird.

Members since 2007, this couple from Duncan, South Carolina, add, rate and photograph dozens of recipes each year. They dabble in every cuisine, creating inventive recipes that get glowing reviews.

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Apr 26

Grilling Cheat Sheet

Grilling with
Grilling can be a challenge when you play the guessing game. Your dish can go from underdone to charred in only a matter of minutes. Help is here! Bookmark our easy-to-use chart or save it and print it (bonus points for laminating it like we did!) and keep handy next to the grill. Perfectly grilled goods every time!

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Apr 11

Ready, Set, Cook! Contest: We Have Our Winners!

You came, you cooked and two of you conquered!

We received some seriously fantastic and creative submissions to our Ready, Set, Cook! special edition recipe contest – 325 of them to be exact! And now we’re pleased to announce our winners.

Drum roll, please….

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Apr 1

Member of the Month: Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Behind our yummy recipes, reviews and photos are creative cooks, crafters, photographers and food lovers. This month we’re spending time with Andi of Longmeadow Farm!

AndiThis Maryland family girl loves loading up her recipes with fresh ingredients straight from her farm, and is always spicing things up with habaneros and peppers!

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