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Dec 1

Member of the Month: Breezermom

breezermom with her son, Will

To cap off the year, we chose breezermom as December’s member of the month because of her tireless dedication to As a “tag-a-holic” and host in our Photo Tag game, it is not surprising that she is one of our top contributors with 2490 photos and 2710 reviews.

Southern gal breezermom finds cooking relaxing and has no qualms firing up the grill anytime or preparing a two hour dinner after a long day at work. Read on to find out how she tested and tasted her way to a winning recipe in last month’s Ready, Set, Cook! recipe contest.

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Nov 1

Member of the Month: mickeydownunder


There are three important things you need to know about this month’s Member of the Month, mickeydownunder. One: She lives in Australia. Two: She is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse. And three: She is one of the (if not the most) positive people we’ve ever met!

A member since October 2002, Mickey is famous for her eternal optimism — just read any of her 679 recipe reviews where she always uses ALL CAPS to express her excitement and enthusiasm. Even a recipe that set off the smoke detector recently yields her signature phrase, “WHOO HOO!” (a nod to another of her loves, old steam trains).

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Oct 30

Ready, Set, Cook! — And the Winners Are…

You came, you cooked and three of you conquered! There were some fantastic entries into our Ready, Set, Cook! Reynolds Wrap Recipe Contest — 226 of them to be exact! — and now we’re pleased to announce our winners.

Drum roll, pleaseā€¦.

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Oct 3

Member of the Month: lazyme

lazyme and her husband, Don

For October we chatted with Seahawks fan and Cooking Games With Friends co-host lazyme. Self-described as a hopeless game addict, she help planned this year’s Zaar World Tour and Pick A Chef community events. When she’s not searching for recipes, she’s making friends with fellow home cooks. In fact, she has made some great friendships through and has met around 35 of those online friends in person since joining in March 2006!

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Sep 28

Guest Post: How to Plan a (Frugal) Foodie Road Trip by Kimberly Danger of

Since becoming parents thirteen years ago, our family has put well over 100,000 miles on the family truckster taking trips to visit family and criss-crossing the good ‘ole U.S. of A. My husband and I firmly believe that road trips are one of the best things a family can do together. When you’re a foodie, where you eat is just as important as where you go. We’ve stumbled upon some of our best meals (and created our best memories) while on the road with the kids. Here are some of our tips for planning your own frugal foodie road trip and creating memories to last a lifetime.

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Sep 17

New Recipe Contest! Your Chance to Win $1,500

Calling all creative cooks! Love coming up with new recipes from whatever is left in the fridge? We’ve got a recipe challenge that’s perfect for you! Your great idea could score you $1,500 and more!

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Sep 6

Member of the Month: Pot Scrubber

Pot Scrubber with Asia forum co-host (and bestie) Leggy Peggy

This month we chatted with home cook Pot Scrubber about cooking meals for one and his cheap bachelor-friendly recipes. You may recognize him by his alter-ego Dame Edna or one of his 300+ fun reviews. A regular fixture on since 2004, Potsie hosts the community’s Asia and Pets forums.

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Jul 31

Member of the Month: GiddyUpGo

This month home cook GiddyUpGo has taken on the impressive task of cooking one dish from every nation around the globe. From Abkhazia to Zimbabwe, she’s giving us a geography lesson with every bite. Read on to find out how this mother of four researches authentic recipes and sources unusual ingredients like yak and kangaroo from her small hometown of Rough and Ready, CA. Click here to see her recipes »

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