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Jul 1

Member of the Month: JackieOhNo!

We are delighted to introduce you to this month’s featured home cook, JackieOhNo! A member since 2006, Jackie lives in the Hudson Valley (N.Y.) and has shared more than 800 recipes here. However, she wasn’t always a home chef. A self-taught cook, Jackie grew up watching her Italian mother and grandmother in the kitchen, but didn’t start cooking herself until her early 20s proving that it’s never too late to learn! 

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May 29

Member of the Month: Red Apple Guy

We’d love to introduce you to Red Apple Guy, June’s member of the month! A member since 2004, Red Apple Guy lives just outside of Atlanta and hosts two of our forums, Grilling & Smoking and Crock-Pot Cooking, but his culinary talents and interests don’t stop there. Browse through his photos and recipes and you’ll see tons of beautiful baked goods — crusty breads, croissants, pizza dough and more.

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May 21

Tweet a Tip, Win a Cookbook! hits Twitter every day and tweets about our latest recipes, chefs, photos and on Tuesdays we always tweet a helpful cooking tip. The goal of these tips is to help our tweeps save money, time and sanity in the kitchen. A recent example is this celery storage tip that we found in our talk forums:

We’ve served up a lot of our members’ clever cooking tips lately, but we’re always looking for more!

Got a good tip up your sleeve? Send us your best cooking tip and if yours is chosen by random selection, we’ll retweet it and you’ll win this killer cookbook from Food Network Magazine! Not only does this giant tome have 1,000 easy recipes, it’s chock full of great cooking tips and tricks!

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Feb 20

No Small Potatoes $2,000 Recipe Contest

Do you like your spuds with a side of cold, hard cash? Well then we’ve got the recipe contest for you!

We’re looking for your original recipe celebrating the almighty potato, and if your recipe comes out on top, you’ll win $2,000 and have your recipe featured in an advertorial spread in Food Network Magazine!

Money, fame and potato bragging rights? Pretty sweet deal.

There’s a bonus prize, too. We’re also offering a People’s Choice prize of $750 that goes to the recipe with the highest overall rating!

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Jan 31

Big Game Must: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Super Sunday is just around the corner, and, for me, the game is only half the draw. While the gridiron action is great, game day also gives me the excuse to eat all that salty, sticky, greasy grub that I (and my girlish figure) normally have to avoid. Salads, begone! Steamed veggies, so long! See you on Monday!

Like everyone, I look forward to the usual heavy hitters: piled-high nachos, thick ‘n’ meaty chili, greasy potato skins. These are all great dishes to switch up and try new versions of — basically, I want to wow my friends even more than the year before. But there is one do-or-die app in my repertoire that I’m not allowed to even think about tinkering with: Buffalo Chicken Dip. This uber-popular dip scores big with my crew (and loads of fans, too — it’s our second most popular dip recipe on the whole site!). Wing-loving men, of course, adore it, but I’ve also seen my girlfriends — tiny, fit women who consider their bodies their temples — devour this dip to the point of picking up the casserole bowl and licking it clean.

Why is it so doggone good? This dip tastes exactly like everyone’s favorite football food: tangy Buffalo chicken wings! BUT it comes without the hassle and mess of having to gnaw the meat off the bone. That and the fact that corn scoops (not corn chips, but corn SCOOPS) are part of the equation. I mean, when’s the last time you let yourself buy a bag of those?

Another bonus: It’s incredibly easy to make. Go dip!

Here’s how to make them »

Nov 16

Thanksgiving Must: Perfect Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes
If you’re like me, your head is swimming with worries when the dinner countdown starts ticking on Thanksgiving day.

Is the turkey cooked enough? Or even worse: Is it overcooked and dry? Wait, why is the gravy all lumpy? I need a sieve, stat! Oh no, are the rolls still frozen?

During all that last-minute chaos, the last thing I want to be doing is whipping — or more likely over-whipping — my potatoes into a gluey mess. And let’s say I do whip them perfectly. Great, but are they still hot? Probably not as hot as I want them to be. Room temperature is more like it.

Well, this year, I’m taking the potatoes out of my final kitchen scramble, making them ahead and serving them creamy and lava-hot directly from the oven. Do I know it’ll work? Yep, because I’ve tested these make-ahead mashed potatoes several times — at a potluck dinner party and for a weeknight family meal. Why these? Well, 130-plus glowing reviews couldn’t wrong, right? The verdict from friends, family and members: These are the best, most crowd-pleasing mashed potatoes you’ll ever have.

Here’s how to make them »

Nov 11

Your Thanksgiving Memories: Our Favorite So Far

We asked for your best Thanksgiving memories in our Thanksgiving forum and, boy, did you all deliver! From heartfelt to hilarious, your stories have been making everyone smile and dish their own special memories.

But one story, from La Dilettante, really made us laugh and we couldn’t help but share.  Channeling her inner David Letterman, La Dillettante posted a charming and chuckle-worthy send-up her dear mom. Check it out:

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