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Mar 1

Member of the Month: French Tart

We are thrilled to introduce March’s featured member, French Tart. A chef since 2005 and the host of our French and Great Britain and Ireland forums, French Tart has traveled all around the world. She now resides with her husband in the south of France, where she is the chef at her very own bed and breakfast. Read More

Feb 1

Member of the Month: Charmie777

For our February spotlight, we are delighted to feature Charmie777. A chef since 2004, Charmie is a recipe-sharing enthusiast who loves experiencing the joys of cooking with others. At home, she often experiments with new dishes that score big home runs with her baseball-loving family of five. Read More

Jan 1

Member of the Month: Becky in Wisconsin

For our January feature, we are thrilled to feature Becky in Wisconsin. Becky, a chef since 2006, always has a smile on her face and believes the kitchen is the heart of any home. Read More

Dec 1

Member of the Month: Shirl (J) 831

For December’s spotlight, we are pleased to feature Shirl (J) 831. A host of our Special Diets and Holidays forums, Shirl (J) 831 is an avid NCIS fan, although she never commits crimes when she’s cooking in the kitchen. We spoke with her about her winter favorites and holiday traditions.

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Nov 1

Member of the Month: *Parsley*

We’re thrilled to introduce you to this month’s featured member, *Parsley*.  A contributor since 2005, Parsley moved from Pennsylvania to southeastern North Carolina with her husband, four sons and mini dachshund in 2010. We chatted with this Thanksgiving enthusiast about the upcoming holiday, her love of cooking and some of her favorite traditions. Read More

Oct 1

Member of the Month: Cooks4_6

For October’s spotlight, we are pleased to feature Cooks4_6 as our member of the month. A contributor since 2006, Cooks4_6 lives in Wooster, Ohio, and favors her Italian family recipes over cookbooks any day. With fall in full swing, we chatted about her seasonal food favorites, annual Halloween bash and most-loved recipes.

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Sep 1

Member of the Month: Lalaloula

For this month’s spotlight, we are thrilled to feature one of our international members, Lalaloula. A contributor since 2007, Lalaloula co-hosts the Crafters’ Corner Forum, the Vegetarian/Vegan Forum and the Spain/Portugal Forum. A vegetarian with an adventurous palate, this home cook loves testing out new recipes in the kitchen, especially when baking is involved. 

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Aug 1

Member of the Month: **Tinkerbell**

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to this month’s featured home cook, **Tinkerbell**. A member since 2002, Tink lives in Boise, Idaho and co-hosts our Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances Forum with Katie in the UP. In her early days of cooking, this self-taught cook made Hamburger Helper every night for a year until she branched out and discovered how much fun it was to create new recipes. 

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Jul 1

Member of the Month: JackieOhNo!

We are delighted to introduce you to this month’s featured home cook, JackieOhNo! A member since 2006, Jackie lives in the Hudson Valley (N.Y.) and has shared more than 800 recipes here. However, she wasn’t always a home chef. A self-taught cook, Jackie grew up watching her Italian mother and grandmother in the kitchen, but didn’t start cooking herself until her early 20s proving that it’s never too late to learn! 

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May 29

Member of the Month: Red Apple Guy

We’d love to introduce you to Red Apple Guy, June’s member of the month! A member since 2004, Red Apple Guy lives just outside of Atlanta and hosts two of our forums, Grilling & Smoking and Crock-Pot Cooking, but his culinary talents and interests don’t stop there. Browse through his photos and recipes and you’ll see tons of beautiful baked goods — crusty breads, croissants, pizza dough and more.

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