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Nov 19

Thanksgiving Al Fresca with Food Network Star’s Chef Nikki Martin

Just because summer’s over, doesn’t mean grilling season is too. Food Network Star’s Nikki Martin has some tips and recipes for creating a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner outdoors.

Whether you’re smoking your turkey or grilling it, cooking outdoors is not only fun, it’s a great way to deviate from the norm and really kick up the flavors of your bird. Weather looking frightful? Don’t fret- that’s where Mulled Wine and Bourbon becomes your new BFF and warms you up! I love grilling because it imparts so many layers of flavor that are unique and you just can’t get with traditional roasting. Here are some tips and ideas to grill it up this Thanksgiving.

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Apr 26

Grilling Cheat Sheet

Grilling with
Grilling can be a challenge when you play the guessing game. Your dish can go from underdone to charred in only a matter of minutes. Help is here! Bookmark our easy-to-use chart or save it and print it (bonus points for laminating it like we did!) and keep handy next to the grill. Perfectly grilled goods every time!

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