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Apr 17

Ben & Jerry’s Latest Creation



Ben & Jerry's Beer

Ice Cream + Beer = The Ultimate Mashup Read More

Apr 16

Uber Has Expanded to Food Delivery!



Watch your back, Seamless.

Uber has announced that they are now delivering more than just drunk people home. Read More

Apr 15

22 Secret Menu Options You Don’t Want to Miss

Secret Menu Options

If you love food as much as we do, get ready to have you mind blown. Restaurant chains are capable of more than you can imagine—you just have to know what to ask for. Read More

Apr 15

Taco Bell Lovers Rejoice!

Crunchwrap Supreme


Sometimes the overwhelming stress of getting in your car and driving to the nearest drive-through for some greasy fast food goodness can just be too physically and mentally draining to endure. The good news? Taco Bell respects that. Read More

Apr 13

Time to Hoard the Ho Hos: America’s First Junk Food Tax is Coming

Attention all junk food connoisseurs of the world: you better start hoarding your Cheetos and M&Ms now. Read More

Apr 10

Sabra Recall Due To Listeria Contamination

Sabra Hummus

PSA: PUT THAT PITA DOWN…..No seriously—we mean it, put it down now.

Read More

Apr 9

New: Cotton Candy Oreos

Cotton Candy Oreo

Everyone loves a good dessert mash-up and Nabisco knows it. They just released a new combination that you definitely don’t want to miss. We’ll give you a hint: Classic meets carnival. Read More

Apr 6

The Bizarre Kit Kat Sandwich You Never Knew You Needed

Japanese fast food chains have seen their fair share of bizarre creations. Just take a peek at Burger King Japan’s black cheeseburger and you’ll know what we mean.  Read More

Apr 3

Winos Rejoice! Hangover-Free Wine May Soon Be a Reality

Love a good glass of wine—or two…or three…—but hate the hangover that comes after a night of one-too-many bottles of Merlot? Have we got some news for you!  Read More

Mar 30

Finally: A Peanut Butter Cup Big Enough to Fulfill Our Chocolate Cravings For Life

If you think you may have the world’s biggest sweet tooth, we might have found just the right treat for you. The Candy Factory, a Los Angeles chocolate shop, just broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest peanut butter cup with a truly epic 440 pound creationRead More

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