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Feb 23

Press F for Fries With These New Vending Machines

We now have another reason (apart from the accents and cuddly koalas) to move to the outback.

Soon, offices and cafeterias across Australia may be getting a new kind of vending machine that produces—wait for it—fresh, hot French fries at the press of a button. Read More

Feb 20

Eating With the Stars: What the Celebs Will Be Munching on Post-Oscars

After weeks of worrying about looking good in a tight ball gown, we’d be craving something good to eat too. Lucky for the celebs, the post-show party features a feast fitting of the occasion.

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Jan 20

Confirmed: The Existence of Red Velvet Oreos

Back in October we were part of the Internet frenzy wishing and hoping that Red Velvet Oreos were the real deal. Tragically, we were punked and these Oreos weren’t yet on the market. Read More

Jan 13

Speculoos Ice Cream. It’s For Real.

Just when you thought it was counterintuitive to eat ice cream in winter, Ben & Jerry’s goes and introduces new Cookie Core flavors. And we are officially freaking out – namely over Speculoos, a newfound favorite. Here’s what you need to know:
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Dec 10

What the Guac?

Remember back in March when there was talk of guacamole going MIA? Perhaps you first heard about this impending disaster via social media after Chipotle announced their contingency plan for removing guac from their menu. Unfortunately, the up and coming avopocalypse you’ve been fearing is for real. This is not a drill.

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Oct 23

Red Velvet Oreo Cookies: Fact or Fiction?

Oh snap! In the midst of new limited edition Oreo launches (including Birthday Cake and Watermelon) a rumor is circulating that a new Red Velvet flavor will also hit the shelves this month. Unfortunately, you’ll have to keep waiting for this cream cheese frosting-filled cookie because it is a hoax. Come on! Read More

Oct 8

DIY Cronuts Have Arrived, But There’s a Catch

You’ve read about it, you’ve seen photos of the ridiculous lines of people winding around city blocks to buy one and you’ve maybe even tried a knock-off version, but now the original Cronut is officially in your realm of baking possibility. Read More

Aug 8

Every Day Is a Food Holiday for iPhone & iPad, Now in the App Store

Big holidays come once a year, but you can celebrate all 365 days with With the Every Day Is a Food Holiday App, you’ll never miss National Junk Food Day, Cupcake Day or Margarita Day again.

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Mar 30

3-D Recipes on

3-D Recipes on
Check Out Our Top 3-D Recipes

We have exciting news, fans! In the next several weeks, we will be converting all of our recipe images to 3-D images. Using cutting edge photographic technology, we’re starting the process of updating our thousands of member-submitted recipes to be 3-D. Over the next several weeks, the recipes you love will be enhanced to feature 3-D IMAGES.

To get a sneak preview at this exciting new enhancement, CLICK HERE for a gallery of some of our favorite recipes with new 3-D images.

There’s a catch: You’ll need a pair of special glasses to view these photos in all of their glory. And we’re giving them away for free! CLICK HERE to get your TOTALLY FREE pair of FOOD.COM 3-D glasses for the most amazing food experience you’ve ever had on the net.

Mar 26

Finding Recipes Gets Even Easier

We’re excited to announce that we’re taking the first step in making our site search experience even better. Beginning tomorrow, we’re simplifying your search experience on so you can find the stuff you want even quicker. With this change, we’re making it one click easier to find recipes, ingredients, and members — the searches our members use most — directly from the search bar. Search Enhancements

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