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Nov 28

Turkey Day, Take Two: Thinking Past the Main Feast

Up until now, the focus has been on prepping for a day full of turkey, family and football. But today, you’re probably wondering what to do with all that leftover food. This season, make it your goal to take full advantage of your Thanksgiving meal in the days following the holiday with these storage and serving tips.

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Nov 20

Thanksgiving 101: Potato Peeling Hacks

Serving mashed potatoes for a crowd? Already dreading all that “quality time” you’ll be spending with a peeler? We have the perfect solution in this quick 15-second tip. Hint: The only thing you’ll need is a bowl of water.

Nov 19

Thanksgiving Al Fresca with Food Network Star’s Chef Nikki Martin

Just because summer’s over, doesn’t mean grilling season is too. Food Network Star’s Nikki Martin has some tips and recipes for creating a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner outdoors.

Whether you’re smoking your turkey or grilling it, cooking outdoors is not only fun, it’s a great way to deviate from the norm and really kick up the flavors of your bird. Weather looking frightful? Don’t fret- that’s where Mulled Wine and Bourbon becomes your new BFF and warms you up! I love grilling because it imparts so many layers of flavor that are unique and you just can’t get with traditional roasting. Here are some tips and ideas to grill it up this Thanksgiving.

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Nov 13

Perfect Pumpkin Bars for Thanksgiving is teaming up with our friends at, and a few of our other favorite food sites to celebrate Thanksgiving. Since we can’t gather in person, we’re pulling up a chair to create a virtual Communal Table. Our contribution: A festive dessert without the fuss!

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Nov 20

Thanksgiving Planning: The Final Countdown

We’re into the final week and there are only a few days till the big day! Here is a final checklist — broken down by days to go — to keep you cool, calm and collected. You can do it!
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Nov 16

Thanksgiving Must: Perfect Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes
If you’re like me, your head is swimming with worries when the dinner countdown starts ticking on Thanksgiving day.

Is the turkey cooked enough? Or even worse: Is it overcooked and dry? Wait, why is the gravy all lumpy? I need a sieve, stat! Oh no, are the rolls still frozen?

During all that last-minute chaos, the last thing I want to be doing is whipping — or more likely over-whipping — my potatoes into a gluey mess. And let’s say I do whip them perfectly. Great, but are they still hot? Probably not as hot as I want them to be. Room temperature is more like it.

Well, this year, I’m taking the potatoes out of my final kitchen scramble, making them ahead and serving them creamy and lava-hot directly from the oven. Do I know it’ll work? Yep, because I’ve tested these make-ahead mashed potatoes several times — at a potluck dinner party and for a weeknight family meal. Why these? Well, 130-plus glowing reviews couldn’t wrong, right? The verdict from friends, family and members: These are the best, most crowd-pleasing mashed potatoes you’ll ever have.

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Nov 14

Thanksgiving Planning: 10 Days to Turkey Day

Only 10 days to go! Now’s the time to finalize the plan and prep your kitchen, do your initial shopping run, practice any tricky dishes and get to work on your decor.


What you can do now…

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Nov 11

Your Thanksgiving Memories: Our Favorite So Far

We asked for your best Thanksgiving memories in our Thanksgiving forum and, boy, did you all deliver! From heartfelt to hilarious, your stories have been making everyone smile and dish their own special memories.

But one story, from La Dilettante, really made us laugh and we couldn’t help but share.  Channeling her inner David Letterman, La Dillettante posted a charming and chuckle-worthy send-up her dear mom. Check it out:

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Nov 7

Thanksgiving Planning: 3 Weeks to Turkey Day

You’ve got 17 days until T-Day! Worried your goose (err, turkey) is cooked? Don’t stress. We’ve gathered some next steps to take. Follow them and it’ll be gravy from today till the bird comes out of the oven.


What you can do now…

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Nov 1

Thanksgiving Planning: 4 Weeks to Turkey Day

Vera's Roast Turkey Breast
Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Okay, deep breathe. It’s never too early to start thinking about the season’s biggest meal and we’re here to help. No, you don’t need to start pre-heating the oven just yet, but you can use these early weeks of November to get your Turkey Day plan prepped.

Check back into our Happenings blog each week for your essential next steps.


What you can do now…

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