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Mar 11

Krispy Kreme + Bacon Hot Dog #FTW

Blog Post/Image courtesy of the crazy kids over at FoodBeast

Baseball season is creeping up and it seems like ballparks are trying to step up their food game.

It’s not just the major league teams getting into it, now the minor league Wilmington BlueRocks will be offering fans this insane bacon-filled Krispy Kreme donut hot dog. Read more »

Mar 6

22 Odd Oreo Flavors You Didn’t Know Existed

As if we ever really needed a reason to eat Oreos, March 6th is National Oreo Cookie Day, which we’d say definitely justifies polishing off a pack (or two…) of everyone’s favorite midnight snack. With the recent introduction of red velvet Oreos into the already enormous list of Oreo variations, we got to wondering about some of the other odd flavor concoctions they’ve cooked up over the years. So grab a glass of milk and check out some of the weirder Oreo varieties on the market, from the mouthwatering to the downright cringe-worthy. Read more »

Mar 2

The 10 Healthiest Foods Ever (And How to Use Them)

If following the newest health trends gives you information overload (we’re looking at you, brusselkale and bone broth!), allow us to simplify. A new report ranks the healthiest foods of all time, saving you the trouble of pouring over labels and lists. Try these 10 healthy heroes and your body will be thanking you for years to come. Spoiler alert: There’s fruit and lots of it.  Read more »

Feb 27

Have Your Cup and Eat It Too: KFC’s New Edible Mug

Eating cookies for breakfast might soon be socially acceptable when KFC restaurants in the UK introduce a new, limited-edition edible coffee cup that lets you have your cup of joe and eat it too. Read more »

Feb 27

Food Babies: 10 Outrageous Baby Names Inspired By Food

Don’t get us wrong, we love Nutella… but probably not enough to name our baby after it.

Read more »

Feb 23

Press F for Fries With These New Vending Machines

We now have another reason (apart from the accents and cuddly koalas) to move to the outback.

Soon, offices and cafeterias across Australia may be getting a new kind of vending machine that produces—wait for it—fresh, hot French fries at the press of a button. Read more »

Feb 23

The New – FAQ

You’ve asked and we’ve answered. Below are the most common questions we’ve received following the launch of the new We hope that the below answers and screenshots will help you navigate – and more importantly – get you cooking without further delay! Read more »

Feb 20

Eating With the Stars: What the Celebs Will Be Munching on Post-Oscars

After weeks of worrying about looking good in a tight ball gown, we’d be craving something good to eat too. Lucky for the celebs, the post-show party features a feast fitting of the occasion.

Read more »

Feb 20

Our 15 Favorite Food-Related Movie Scenes

With the Oscars this weekend, and the dream of summer movie season on the horizon, has movies on the mind. To celebrate, we decided to pay homage to our favorite food-related movie scenes with corresponding recipes to satisfy all you movie buffs.

Read more »

Feb 13

9 Valentine’s Day Candies You Love to Hate

Valentine’s Day candy is like cilantro––you either love it or hate it. It’s hard to tell if the confections are actually tasty, or if it’s their holiday-flair that makes them extra special. This roundup of mushy sweets highlights all of the cutsie candies we secretly love to hate.

Read more »

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